The Rise of Boutique Hotels: Why to Choose a Boutique Hotel in Athens


Accommodation has changed a lot during the last ten years. The quality of services has been improved and the hoteliers seem to care about their clients and the experience they offer. As for the travellers, they are more conscious of what services they deserve and how they must be treated. The standards are much higher and this makes travelling a real delight. Moreover, if someone takes a close look at the hotel sector, he will notice further changes. New types of accommodation have been added to people’s choices and have gained many admirers, with the boutique hotels being at the top of the list. This new hotel type appeared silently a few years ago, but quickly conquered the market as it promised to offer a whole new travelling experience. For that reason, we decided to introduce you to this type of accommodation in case you are planning to travel and stay in a boutique hotel in Athens.


What is a Boutique Hotel?


Boutique hotels are a distinct type of hotels that differentiate for their exceptional services, character, design and small size. In some cases they are family businesses with a limited number of rooms that offer personalised and high-end services. Usually located in the heart of the cities, in upscale areas or in neighbourhoods of unique beauty and interest, they give their guests the chance to enjoy a scenery that is wonderful and reflects the character of the city. The design is the most remarkable feature of boutique hotels; it is modern, bold and, at the same time, incredibly elegant. It gives each hotel a distinct personality and creates a unique ambience totally aligned with the hotel’s philosophy. However, we cannot overlook the significant role that the building plays in the overall design; some boutique hotels are located in old buildings that have been renovated and therefore they combine the best elements from the past and the present.


In Athens, boutique hotels appeared a decade ago and nowadays they are flourishing. Most of them reuse old factories, warehouses and houses in the center of Athens, as many tourists are interested in Athens accommodation near the Acropolis. Historical neighbourhoods like Plaka, Psirri and Kerameikos are fertile areas for the growth of boutique hotels, where the perfect circumstances are concentrated; great scenery, local character, old historical buildings and prime location in the heart of the city. With all these assets, there is no question why many travellers prefer to stay in a boutique hotel in Athens rather than in a standard hotel. Of course, boutique hotels aren’t located solely in the center of Athens nor exclusively in Athens. Thessaloniki, Herakleion and other big cities also have wonderful boutique hotels.


The Advantages of Boutique Hotels


We mentioned above that boutique hotels promise to offer their guests a whole new travelling experience. So, you may ask yourselves “What do they provide that a 5-star-hotel doesn’t?”. Where to begin with? Unique style and personality, pristine location and scenery, attention to detail, local flair and, the most important, a wide range of personalised services. Thanks to their small size and therefore the limited number of guests hosted, you will enjoy custom services based on your preferences and needs. Wake-up calls, airport/ port transfers, restaurant reservations, laundry services and car rental are some of the services that are usually offered, while the staff is ready to recommend and help you arrange special activities (such as tours, day trips and cultural activities). They pay attention to details, listen to your needs and treat you as if you were a beloved friend, although at the same time your full privacy and discretion is secured. Furthermore, unlike many standard hotels that are impersonal and follow the same corporate style and design, boutique hotels have their own character. As a traveller, you will relish designer or vintage furnishings, deliberate decoration, elegance and magnificent ambience that will definitely make you feel comfortable and will ensure you have a cozy stay. Moreover, if you want to live like a local and have an authentic experience of the place you visit, boutique hotels are the right choice. Located in lively neighbourhoods and fashionable urban locales, they are part of the city and let you have a good taste of the city’s everyday life.


Are you still wondering why to stay in a boutique hotel in Athens rather than in a standard hotel? We will provide you with another reason; value for money. Boutique hotels aren’t more expensive than 5-star-hotels, but they offer a much better quality of services and a more pleasant stay. Every aspect of your stay is carefully customised in order to provide you with an extraordinary experience and help you escape from your ordinary life. What else could someone ask for?

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