Sustainable Hotels in Greece: The green side of accommodation

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Let’s be honest; our planet is suffering and we are all responsible for that. The hotel sector is accountable for 1% of global emissions. As the hotel demand increases, the emissions will continue to increase uncontrollably and the problem will be intensified. Thankfully, a new type of accommodation has emerged, aiming to offer visitors great travel experiences without harming the environment. Sustainable hotels, resorts and suites use products, follow processes and generally operate in a way that aims at minimizing their carbon footprint. Although they appeared quite recently, there are numerous choices all over the world; sustainable hotels in Greece are located both in the mainland and in the islands. With a little research, you can find the accommodation that fits your needs and respects the environment, no matter where you travel.


What makes a hotel sustainable?


As we mentioned before, sustainable hotels aim to minimize the carbon footprint they produce by using green policies that reduce carbon emissions, human trash and the use of chemicals. In general, the most usual and important initiatives that hotels focus on are associated with energy conservation, operational changes, waste reduction, water conservation, eco-friendly products, seasonal and local-grown food and local empowerment. For example, some initiatives include using eco-friendly and organic products, recycling, utilizing energy-efficient appliances, installing renewable energy systems, serving sustainably-grown food, respecting the local culture and community, saving water and the list goes on.


Sustainability isn’t easy to accomplish; you must set clear rules and processes that you will follow ceaselessly and without deviations. It’s a non stop process that affects every aspect of the hotel; the infrastructure, the products, the processes, the food, everything. Of course, we must not forget the guests; they also need to respect and follow the green policies, otherwise all the effort is wasted.


Many hotels claim that they are sustainable and that they care for the environment, yet the truth is that only some of them are worth the title. For this reason, we highly recommend conducting a small research before choosing a so-called green hotel whether you are looking for sustainable hotels in Greece or anywhere else in the world.


Why select a sustainable hotel?


Because we all live on this planet and it’s our duty to take care of it. You can have a wonderful time, in exceptional accommodation all over the world, without harming the environment. You don’t need to sacrifice anything; the services and the amenities will be equal or even better compared to traditional, boutique or luxury hotels. Doesn’t this sound great?


Many people believe that eco-friendly accommodation offers amenities of lower quality in order to protect the planet. However, this belief is totally mistaken. All the policies mentioned previously aim to benefit the environment, but they also benefit their guests. The products are organic and high quality, the food is fresh and the ambience is totally aligned with the overall philosophy. Moreover, especially in Greece, sustainable hotels are the best choice for travellers who need to relax and spend carefree moments away from touristy places full of noise and buzz. In most cases, the travel experience is exquisite. So, why not select a sustainable hotel?


What makes The Foundry Suites sustainable?


Right from the start, the Foundry Suites set certain policies that would make the suites sustainable and would reduce their carbon footprint. The whole roof garden is planted with more than 30 different species of plants, trees and herbs as well as the exterior of the building. Thanks to this small but important decision, the urban heat island effect, the gas emissions and the energy demand for space conditioning are reduced, while the air quality nearby the suites and the stormwater management are improved. In other words, this roof garden is an environmental oasis in the center of Athens. Even the paints used by Ino to complete the magnificent mural painting that decorates an exterior wall of the building are eco-friendly and have the ability to improve air quality.


Saving energy is a crucial step in being sustainable. In Foundry, all lightbulbs are LED, solar panels are used to heat the water and RFID cards are used in all rooms in order to reduce the use of electricity only during the time that guests stay in the rooms. Plus, with the collaboration of Spick and Span, the laundry is done by energy-efficient machines that reuse 70% of the total water consumption. It goes without saying that recycling plastic, glass and paper packaging is a non-stop process. Also, most of the ingredients used for meal preparation are organic and the mattresses used are made from organic materials.


Protecting the environment is crucial. However, ideally one would want to combine a pleasant travel experience with a responsible attitude towards the environmental crisis. It is possible by choosing a sustainable hotel for your vacation! Trust us! You will have a superior travel experience! Among the wide variety of sustainable hotels in Greece, choose the one you prefer and get ready to have a wonderful time!

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