Eco-friendly rooftop: The Perfect Setting for Summer Drinks

hotel in athens with rooftop


Summer is almost here; the perfect time to go out with friends, meet new people, explore new places and create beautiful memories. Music, cocktails and walks are the necessary essentials for every summer night-out, as well as rooftops, which overflow with people every night. Without a doubt, rooftops are the number one destination for summer outings in the city center, as they offer beautiful ambience, interesting drinks and food, great music and, most often, an incredible view. In Athens, rooftops became popular recently and nowadays they are to be found in every district of the city. There is a terrace for everyone; romantic, noisy, lively, exotic, sustainable and many more. Especially the eco-friendly rooftops are a superb choice for summer, as they are by nature filled with plants and therefore they can instantly transfer you to exotic places.


What is an eco-friendly rooftop?


Simply put, it is a terrace whose design and maintenance benefits instead of harming the environment. As we all know, there are serious environmental issues we have to deal with and try to improve, pollution being one of them. Ecologically sound terraces started as a way of reducing energy consumption and pollution and turned into a popular trend with many enthusiasts. Located in the roofs of hotels and apartment buildings, they are real oases in a desert of cement; flooded with smaller or bigger plants, these rooftops improve air quality and temperature near them, while at the same time they absorb noise and provide a natural sound barrier. In other words, every such terrace creates a unique micro environment, totally different from the one we are used to living in big cities. Moreover, sustainability is another parameter that distinguishes environmentally friendly rooftops; they are a sustainable option in cities with high-density living.


Why choose an eco-friendly rooftop for your outing?


Because outings are meant to help us escape from reality and everyday life and that’s exactly the main advantage of these terraces. They make you feel as if you have left behind the noisy city and have travelled to an exotic destination, free of the suffocating atmosphere, the pollution and the noise. Thanks to the micro environment created, there is less noise, lower temperature (very important for hot summer days) and better atmosphere. Plus, the decoration is incredible; real trees and flowers are usually combined with decorative items in bright or earth colours, candles, torches and stylish outdoor furniture. Add to this the signature cocktails and the well-chosen dishes and ask yourself “could you imagine a more charming setting for your summer night-out”?


What differentiates environmentally-friendly rooftops from simple ones is the ambience, the decoration and, mostly, their respect for the environment that makes you feel good without realizing why. Without a question, all rooftops are great places to visit and a must-do experience during summer. “Green” ones are simply the perfect choice amongst other good choices.

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