Design hotels in Athens: Modern architecture at its best


Hotels have always offered a fertile ground for creativity and innovation; in decoration, architecture, services and many more fields. Everyone will agree that it’s a really different experience staying in a hotel that has its own style than staying in an impersonal hotel, identical to so many others. Hoteliers have realized that significant difference and have invested in creating hotels that have their own character. That’s where we trace the starting point of many new hotel types that have emerged in the last years, like design hotels and boutique hotels. The first design hotels in Athens appeared rather recently and quickly found many supporters who helped them grow and expand. The question is, how much do you know about that type of accommodation and what does it have to offer?


What is a design hotel?


Simply put, it’s a hotel that is remarkable for its design, whether the design refers to its architecture, its interior decoration, its style, its furnishings or its visual concept. The purpose of this type of hotels is to attract the interest of their potential guests through their distinct style, usually curated by famous architects. Sometimes owned by architects or renowned fashion designers, they aren’t only unique, they are actually one-of-a-kind; you should not find the same design anywhere else in the world. Plus, both interior and exterior decoration must be cutting-edge. However, we must note that design hotels don’t necessarily need to be luxurious; there are many low-cost resorts or hotels that are notable for their design without being too fancy. Besides the appearance, the services offered are exemplary, in order to be consistent with the first impression provided to the guests. 


What are the advantages and disadvantages? 


The main advantage of the design hotels is, of course, their looks. For travellers who care a lot about their accommodation, staying in a one-of-a-kind hotel is a must-do experience. Especially if the architect or fashion designer is their favourite one, being part of that creation is really a dream come true. Just imagine how a fan of Armani would feel during a stay in the Armani House in Milan. Moreover, the services offered are great and usually the location is perfect, that is at the heart of the city, next to the sea, over a hill or in a picturesque neighbourhood. Yet, the perfect services and location are often too expensive; there are numerous exceptions worldwide, but most often prices are quite high. 


Why prefer design hotels in Athens? 


There are only a few design hotels in Athens and all of them are wonderful, so there is no chance you will make a bad choice. Located in old buildings full of history, they offer a whole different experience in accommodation and make your stay in Athens unforgettable. Actually, many of them are both boutique and design hotels, which can be the best combination for guests. It is certainly a choice that will help you have a great time in our country, as they do their best to assure the best experience for their guests, both with their appearance and their services. Let yourself enjoy something distinct and unique while travelling and you won’t regret it!

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