Athens Accommodation Near the Acropolis: Good or bad idea?


Raise your hand if you’ve never been confused about where to stay during your holidays in a foreign country. Accommodation can be a facilitating or a limiting factor that greatly affects your holiday experience. Thus it is one of the first things people decide upon when travelling. You need to look for a safe area near the center of the city, with good transportation, shops and services available that at the same time will provide you with everything you will need to enjoy your stay. Also, you have to decide whether you will follow the tourist guides’ suggestions and stay in the most popular area or you will choose another district that is more suitable for you. Taking into account the fact that usually it’s the first time you visit the place, that can be a complicated decision making process. To make it easier for you to select the best area to stay in Athens as a tourist, we provide you with all the information you will need if you visit the capital of Greece. In the lines that follow, we highlight the principal advantages and disadvantages of the option to choose an Athens accommodation near the Acropolis, as it’s the most popular area for tourists.


Without a doubt, the most important advantage of staying in a hotel near Acropolis is the scenery. The Plaka, Monastiraki, Psirri, Koukaki and Thissio areas often offer a clear view to the Parthenon, the most acclaimed archaeological site in Greece. Besides that, these areas beautifully combine elements from the past with elements of the modern, everyday life; when walking around these neighbourhoods you will bump on lesser known archaeological sites, historical monuments and neoclassical buildings as well as flea markets, shops, cafes and restaurants. The scenery is absolutely enchanting and unique; there is no question why these areas are the locals’ favourite ones and a must-do experience for couples during their honeymoon in Athens.


Actually that’s the second advantage of staying near Acropolis; the chance to live like a local. Any of these neighbourhoods has a local flair and offers travellers experiences of the Greeks’ everyday life; shopping in flea markets, enjoying a dinner in a traditional taverna, sipping a coffee while relishing the view to the Acropolis, walking around the small pedestrian streets with their friends, talking loudly and laughing. If you want to live like a local in Athens, opting for an accommodation near the Acropolis is a great choice.


Another important aspect while looking for a place to stay in Athens is the convenience it provides when it comes to transportation. In every trip, the goal is to explore the place and learn more about the people, so it is crucial to have the ability to do both. Acropolis lies in the heart of the city and is near to almost everything you may want to visit. Also, the transportation in the center of the city is very good thanks to the subway; hence we could say that these neighbourhoods are the perfect starting point to explore both the touristy and the hidden treasures of the city. Last but not least, all of these districts are safe, especially for tourists.


However, if you are looking for a quiet and not so crowded place, accommodation near the Acropolis isn’t suitable for you. Albeit its beauty and convenience, there are thousands of people that choose to stay or visit the place, making it often overcrowded especially during the peak season months. Furthermore, you need to check your budget, as these neighbourhoods can be quite expensive. Especially if you want to stay in a hotel with an Acropolis view, prices are high.


We hope this information helps you make a decision. Above all, you have to remember that, no matter what we suggest, the point is to find the place that better suits you and will help you enjoy not only your Athens vacations but all of your trips!

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