A Farewell to Summer, Long Live our Summer Rooftop Events


In Greece, summer is the season of joy, the perfect time to enjoy carefree moments with friends, explore new places and live new experiences. In Foundry Suites, we welcome summer on our eco-friendly rooftop and we organize many events throughout the summer, as we love to have a great time with our friends and guests. Uplifting music, refreshing cocktails, tasty delicacies, party mood and an astonishing view of the city, nothing is missing from our rooftop events. However, the summer is over and it’s time for a throwback to all the beautiful moments we shared together.


Relishing the View


Is there anything that could make the view from our roof garden better? Of course, there is; the full moon! From July to October, the full moon sessions accompanied us each time there was a full moon. Each month, a unique party was organized to celebrate this special occasion, pass time with our friends and meet new people. In July, we admired the Buck Supermoon with the music of Dj Lex, while in August Dj Stefano Skoul dubbed musically the Sturgeon Moon, the last supermoon of the year. The tunes of Dj Pipi Dee in September and Dj Miss Catalina in October closed the full moon parties in the best possible way. We have to admit that the music during these parties was incredible; the tunes and the vibes from all Djs uplifted everybody’s mood and, trust us, we wished that these nights would last forever.


Tasting New Flavours


Party without good food is never a successful party! June was dedicated to tasting new flavours and our two pop up rooftop events, Poncho Tacos and Guerilla Chef Burgers, offered the perfect excuse for this. The first event helped us travel in taste to Mexico, thanks to our friends from Poncho Tacos who prepared for us delicious tacos and numerous hot sauces. Of course, we couldn’t skip the refreshing cocktails that accompanied our meal perfectly. The month ended in the best possible way, as for a few hours the brand new Guerilla Chef Burgers corner moved to our rooftop and offered pleasure to our guests. Mouthwatering burgers (the best in town), crispy plantain chips and cold beers provided us with energy and the party was ready to begin!


Music & Cocktails


Who said we needed a special occasion to organize a party? We selected an enchanting starry night, Mr Fox created his well-known cocktails and Dj Maria Papidaki set the pace. It was an amazing night where everything was in total harmony in order to make us feel enchanted. In late September, as the summer was coming to an end, we decided to drum up the volume! And who would be more suitable than Angelo Pentaris? Nobody, we swear. Music and tunes from Dua Lipa, Lizzo, Red Hot Chili Peppers, 2Pac and many more artists overflowed the roof garden thanks to this incredible drummer. It was certainly a music night to remember!


Our summer rooftop events gifted us with something more than beautiful nights; they gifted us with fun and joy and interesting people at a time that all of us were in need. We danced, we laughed and we created wonderful memories. We hope next year we will dance more, laugh harder and create more memories.

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